"Miracle Kitty" LilyRose

It was a cool, dark fall morning when I was called outside to survey our crowd of assorted feral cats…all swarming around the food dishes that we fill morning and night. 

Living in the country, we were often the recipients of lost or dumped cats and, before we could blink an eye, we became a refuge for feral cats to gather, finally knowing plentiful food, water and a sanctuary where they won't be hurt anymore. They sheltered comfortably in our many "cat houses" for the coming cold winter months.

And come they did, in every size and colour, some friendly but most cautious and wary, staying far from us though ever-present, hiding under cars, behind trees and under bushes.

I went outside and saw what JB, my husband, was pointing to, a tiny calico kitten, scooting away from his grasp. It was barely six weeks old but an unusual sight to see! It lay on the driveway flat on its belly, front paws dragging itself forward, but the back legs were stretched out to the sides and flapping in time with the front ones. It was amazing how fast that kitten could move!

Once captured, we found her to be spotlessly clean with huge beautiful bright eyes and so I immediately named her LilyRose... a beautiful name for a beautiful spirit! I was concerned that, with the cold weather coming, she would not survive as her most vulnerable spot was her belly, lying flat on the concrete driveway, so we brought her inside. She was usually nesting in a small, padded box beside Derek as he worked on the computer.

Our next step was to take her to the Veterinarian. He immediately took my finger and ran it down her spine, bump...bump...bump...dip.... bump! He told me that the dip indicated a crushed vertebrae meaning that she could never control her bowels nor her bladder and that she would be in a lot of pain, and I must have her put down. But I could not...those huge bright eyes were filled with intelligence and beauty, she was a living being and I refused, taking her back home.

Twice every day, I sat outside in the sunshine and wrapped both hands around her hips, meditating and envisioning her strong and whole, scampering about with the other kittens. I worked on her, gently massaging her tiny thighs.

Within two weeks, that little kitten showed remarkable improvement, her back legs straightening and becoming stronger until she was finally able to scamper upright, albeit slowly. LilyRose became our inside tenant. She was a voluptuous kitty, much attached to JB, not one to cuddle but always attached to his right hip.

She tolerated the kitten antics of THE BOO, another rescued feral, and ruled the household from her throne in the living room. Most impressive was that she used the litter box with precision and could run like the wind, especially during a thunderstorm when she would tear up the stairs to hide under our bed. The Vet was astounded at her growth and fluid movement and always called her "Miracle Kitty".

Her hearing was impeccable...she never missed the sound of us opening the fridge door and tearing the lids from yogurt containers. She loved yogurt and ran from every corner of the house to get some...peach was her favourite. 

However, she would pick the blueberries out and drop them on the floor where THE BOO would jump in and play soccer with them while she watched disdainfully.

LilyRose was a calm spirit, rising above and beyond what had been expected of her and she never quit trying. She overcame huge challenges. I can claim her success in walking normally to be the result of the massages, but the Vet was astonished at her ability to use her private washroom without incident. She avoided the robot litter machine and got rather indignant when THE BOO would dare to violate her special corner. LilyRose had boundaries and enforced them...and that was, in my mind, self respect.
We can all learn from the life of LilyRose...never give up, know who you are, live with self respect and set boundaries. And though she has crossed the rainbow bridge, her legacy continues. Always have hope even when others may have given up on you. Always face your demons with courage and take pride in your successes. Never give up.

Contributed by Adopted Mom Nancy Broerse
Thank YOU to Our WOW Pet Angel Sponsor whose mission is helping individuals & families through the process of losing a pet

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