A Tribute to Sammy Shannon...

Carolyn's Beloved Sammy Shannon...
I first set eyes on Sammy when I went to a pet store with a friend so that I could talk her out of getting another cat. This beautiful ball of apricot fluff intrigued me more than the sibling n the same cage and when I picked him up and he used me to elevate himself almost onto my shoulder, I was smitten. Still I was able to leave without him due to his price tag of two hundred and fifty dollars. The last cat I had bought for fifty including all shots and neutered. This was all going to be an added expense and I had just put in an offer on my very first home on my own.

I told myself and friends that I would see it as meant to be if once the sale went through this kitten was still available. The same day I signed the papers I drove straight to the store and was delighted to see “her” still there, alone now as her sibling had been sold. I immediately bought “her” and any accessories I would need and with “her” papers in tow I went back to my apartment to get things set up.

For the next couple of weeks, I was even happier to find “she” wasn’t a clingy kitty, in fact rather aloof much like myself who like my own space. Without me even guiding “her” she slept outside my bedroom door, more like a dog than cat, and often slept in her carrier as an alternative.

Maybe it was because “she” was a Persian, or maybe because I had said so many times that I would NEVER want a male cat, it wasn’t until I took her for her first shots that I found out that my Samantha was a Sam. By then it was too late, he had won my heart, and getting his papers was impossible as they were now somewhere in the states with his sister.

I had 16 wonderful years with Sammy Shannon as all my friends called him. He was so perfect for me and an angel to anyone who seemed sad when he would stand on his back legs and reach up with his paw just to touch then. Even when he was barely able to stand or walk at the end due to a failing kidney, my SO (Significant Other) marveled and wept to receive what he felt was such a gift from Sammy.

I truly feel that he was instrumental in me opening my heart and my ability to truly connect with my angels and spiritual guides. When I was looking for background music for my Art from the Heart Adventures CDs I was guided to create my own using the keyboard I had acquired using my Z Points (Remember those?). Now, I can’t even play a whole song on this thing, so I laughed and decided it would be impossible. A day later I woke up to a vision of sitting down on the floor with my keyboard hooked up to the stereo tape player and just doing it. So, I did just that. For forty-five minutes that seemed like only five, I was lost in the music being played while visualizing each of my chakras glowing. It wasn’t until I stopped that I realized my precious Sammy was 

not only leaning against me but also had his little paw on my back almost like he was either doing it with me or giving me energy to help. He often shows up in my “heartworks” still.

It would take a book to write every memory about my AMAZING Sammy. What I will share is that he was a real clown and yes ‘Praise Whore”. He loved to make people laugh by his antics and would do things over and over not for food but for a loud applause and cheering him on. One of his favourite tricks for both him and us was when he would come through the closet that was open onto both the living room and the hallway. He would burst through the curtain into the living room like he was coming out on to a stage. He would do this up to 8 times if we gave him a loud hoorah. Now that he is gone I often get glimpses of him coming out of the curtain and each time I say out loud, “I love you Sammy Shannon!” And yes, I always will. Thank YOU for all YOU taught Me!

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