Spontaneous Sterling Boyd

Before you I felt so alone. I was 19 in a big city yearning for a friend. I wrote my parents that I wanted a sense of complete and total love and companionship, something consistent in my life that is never consistent.  

Even then I seemed to have a sense that my life would take me pretty crazy directions,

When I met you, they told me you had been abused. 

You didn't like people very much but when they let you in the room you jumped up on my lap and kissed my face letting me bury mine in your crazy little afro hair.

I knew then deep in my soul that you and I were meant to be together, and I was so very, very right. 

I wish I could ask you “what was your favorite adventure?” 

Was it backpacking falling asleep curled in my sleeping bag and waking up to the quiet of the high Alpine? 

Did you enjoy the surprise on people's faces as you summoned 14,000 foot mountains with ease? 

In my laughter as you kicked your feet and impatiently ready to keep moving if I rested too long.  

Or maybe it was winding through the canyons pressed against my back as I carried you over Boulders too high for your little legs.

Or watching me run around at night and Howl at the Moon peeking up over the Big Canyon walls? 

Or maybe like me you simply treasured the quiet moments we had together like when we would lay on our bed in our van staring out at sunset. You were my only constant in the dramatic impulsive  changes that defined my 20s. 

You may have never known what was going to happen every time you got in the car but as long as you are close to me you didn't seem to care. We could be anywhere in the world throughout the years.

You saved my life. There were also days that were dark when you were the only light that kept me tethered. How many thousands of my tears have you licked away. You made me laugh even when my heart was shattered, when my body ached, and my mind wanted to make it all stop. The place I would stroke between your eyes was my worry stone and I didn't know how to manage the pain of losing you without you. 

After 15 years together with you my boy I had to learn how to live my life without you. I was unable to believe that I would never see your face again. 

But you haven't left me alone. You taught me that if I could love you so completely unreserved and unconditionally even knowing that one day my heart would break, I could choose to love others like that as well. Because of that you no longer needed to protect me.

Sterling, you got me from 19 years old to 34 you kept me alive. I knew I could always go off on the next adventure because you would be right there with me. I hope you know how truly loved you were. 

I hope you know that I was treasuring every breath and three heartbeat till they stopped and as your energy left your body I could feel a part of it come back into mine a piece of my soul has lived within you my little man back with me now but you continue the adventures. 

Sterling, I wished more than anything I would never have to say goodbye or to let you go so instead I will say, "See you later" because  I  know that  my soul  will  join yours on our next Journey whenever that time comes.

I'll see you my little guy. I will love you eternally.

When Sterling died in 2023. I was having a very difficult time recovering, because he was my best friend. It took me months to be able to make the  video above, but I wanted to make something that honored him, that I can watch for the rest of my life and remember the truly incredible life and bond we shared. He was the absolute best boy in the world, and I will miss him terribly every single day.

To all of you that have followed our adventures, thank you for caring about him, for all your messages over the past few years about how much he touched you with his goofy little self. I am glad you got to know him, even if it was just through a screen. Thank you for watching as I say goodbye to my little boy.

Contributed by his Loving Mom, Anna Boyd
Thank YOU to Our WOW Pet Angel Sponsor whose mission is helping individuals & families through the process of losing a pet

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