A Tribute to Seffie Beautiful

I had been  grieving  the loss of my  two elderly cats, Cally (21)  and  Lissa (20),  and  had  just  reached a point  in  my  life  when  I was ready  to welcome two new  kitties  into my life. 

I  checked  my  vet’s  website  as  he  often  takes  in surrendered  or  lost/found cats, and saw two photos that   spoke   to   me   immediately,   Seffie   (named Persephone   by  the  staff),   and   Em.   Seffie  was particularly striking in her beauty and her gaze.  

She had been found injured  and ill  in a  ravine near where I lived  and  my vet had been  treating her  for three months. She was nearly ready for a new home when  I  came  to meet her.  She was brought  into a quiet  vet’s  office  where  I had  Em with me already. Seff walked in,  sniffed  a brief hello at Em, and then 

walked over to me, circled my feet, and sat on them! She had adopted me, that was clear. I fell in-stantly in love.

Seff was my  heart and soul,  in her own way,  but in some ways, our bond was deeper  than it  had been  with any other animal in my life.  I admired her tenacity, her independence,  and her ability to state clearly what she wanted and when.

If she was unhappy  for any reason   (usual-ly just wanting  my undivided attention,   not shared with Em),  she made that known, too.   After Em died,  she had me  finally  all to herself  and I thought  we would spend many more years together.  

But  shortly  after  Em  left,  we  sadly  discovered  she had  a  fatal  illness,  lung cancer,  perhaps  caused  by whomever  had her before me and may have been a smoker! This broke my heart, but I focused on staying as positive as I could for her,  giving her all the comfort  and love I had for as long as she wanted.  She lived even longer than the  vet expected,  but there came a day when  she made  it clear  it was her time to go. It was the saddest parting ever for me of a pet but I accepted this as best I could,  and did not leave her side  for days as it became clear  she was near  to depart.  We spent our time  often curled up together.  I offered her  Reiki and soft love words, and she continued to purr and gaze at me with such love.

Seff taught me so, so much. She taught me how to speak up for myself, how to express genuine feelings, how to do what is truly best for me, first and foremost. And she taught me a new level of love, everlasting.

Seff was one of the strongest beings I have ever had the privilege to come to know.  And I feel her with me still.  I am trying to communicate with her, and  I feel 

she comes to me on her own at times, too. I feel her love and support to live my life differently now, remembering all she taught me. And I hope somehow, someday, to be with her again. She will always remain in my heart. 

  Submitted by Joanne Ingrassia

Thank YOU to Our WOW Pet Angel Sponsor whose mission is helping individuals & families through the process of losing a pet


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