Diva Queen Nova Fennen

Nova came into my life in 2018 and I loved her the minute I saw her. From the beginning even under her shy actions she had a Diva attitude once I had gained her trust with a few yummy insects. 

Bearded dragons are fascinating creatures and popular pets for reptile enthusiasts. They are known for their docile nature and distinctive physical characteristics, such as the spiky 'beard' from which they get their name.

Once comfortable in their surroundings each of their  own personalities  start to show and with Nova it was clear that she was my Diva Queen and that's how I treated her, primping her up from head to toe.

She became very loved by all my followers on social media as well. I loved sharing both her and tips on how to care for her to encourage others to welcome one of these characters into their homes.

Nova was not a fan of being outdoors and tended to become very defensive in that environment. 

She much preferred her special enclosure I made for her as her Queendom and was often basking in the light on top of her wooden throne.

She would look at me with her beautiful eyes and allow me to hold her even when she was going through a shredding session from head to tail. 
When I noticed the orange spots on my Nova, I should have just immediately consulted the vet. I was not familiar with iridophoromas in bearded dragons, the thought did not even cross my mind. I didn't even think to wonder if the orange spots were pigment cells that could also cause cancer.

My only familiarity with iridophoromas is in lemon frost leopard geckos, which is something they're born with due to their morph. Because they have visible tumors from an early age and because it is morph-related. 

I couldn't save my Nova in time but I will use this failure on my end to be more aware of any color changes, however minimal, in my other reptiles. Yes I have many other rescue reptiles and they all have a piece of my heart. Nova, my Diva Queen, represented a part of myself so she has a bit bigger piece. Miss you Nova!
Nova Basking in her Queendom
Ready for Lunch Mom!
Trimming Nova's Nails
Nova Sitting Pretty
FYI: For those considering a bearded dragon as a pet, it's essential to understand their dietary needs, which consist of a mix of insects and vegetables, and their social behavior, which can include arm-waving and head-bobbing. With the right care, bearded dragons can be a delightful addition to any home, offering companionship and a window into the fascinating world of reptiles. Jessica's commitment to rescue and education highlights the importance of responsible pet ownership and the joy these animals can bring to our lives. View Jessica's Video on Bathing, Nail Trimming & Brushing their teeth Here

Contributed by Mom Jessica Fennen of Jessica's Animal Friends
Find out more about iridophoromas  
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