Moose the Model Ferret

Moose was small. His feet were the size of a postage stamp and his nose was the size of a skittle. 

Yet somehow he still managed to open the bathroom door so he can curl up next to the tub while I bathed. 

I don't know how he'd help me if I started to drown but I get the impression he'd care if I did and that makes me feel important. 

Moose was thoughtful like that..

Moose was extremely extroverted when it came to people (but extremely introverted when it came to vacuums). 

We could hand Moose to just about anyone and he would melt in their arms. 

We raised our boy to be trusting of all people, and in return I believe he changed the hearts and minds of many (about ferrets).

There was life before I met Moose, and then there was life after I met Moose. Life after knowing Moose was much better. 

It changed to being excited to wake up in the morning to see what ridiculously uncomfortably pose Moose had settled into overnight, instead of grabbing my phone first thing to check emails. It sounded like silence (if silence had a sound) instead of the endless chatter that often filled my head. 

When I thought of Moose, my mind calmed -it stopped talking. And when I held Moose, my heart literally felt like hugging itself. I think what I'm describing is 'inner-peace'.

Whatever we put into raising him to be this way, we got back 100-fold. I wanted to convey how magical Moose was to those who cared to listen around the world.

It seemed to me that many of you have your very own Moose at home! 
Poem by Moose to Mom

I’m getting older, Mom.

I just thought you should know...

My fur is getting thinner.

My eyes are seeing snow.

I’m not the gib I used to be,

Instead I sleep all day.

My nose has almost all rubbed off.

I haven’t stashed since May.

You won’t see me running much

’I’m afraid to hit a wall.

I'm already missing half my fangs.

I’ve already had a fall.

Yes, it seems I’m slowing down,

but while that may be true,

I’m better than I’ve ever been

At being held by you.


Moose Prepping for a 
Calendar Photo Shoot

Having him in my life moved me to want to teach the world how to raise more ferrets like Moose. And even though we had a long road ahead, I loved the journey. 

He was kind, curious, and smart. We formed an incredibly deep bond that lasted over 7 meaningful years. He is the reason I started my social media pages and my Youtube channel  that I am super passionate about.

Moose opened the door to my heart for ferrets... and now they keep flowing through.

Contributed by Mom, Haley (The Modern Ferret)
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