A Tribute to Jesse Bell... Our Teacher

I visited  the  Welland  Humane Society  often at that time to pet the animals they have there.

As I walked along the pens with the dogs, I listened.  They were all barking, save one.   Not quite a puppy and  not  yet  a  dog,  this young one  sat  silent  and staring at me intently.  I asked if I could take him out for  a  walk.  It was instant love.  I knew  I was taking him home.  I hadn’t intended on it that day. 

As I was waiting for the paperwork,  I sat on the floor and  asked  this  young  one  what his name was, he looked  at  me  and  the name  Jesse floated into my mind.  So became my life with Jesse.

Jesse taught me many things:  

Patience.  He  was  not  easy to  house train.  I often said  he  trained  me  and not the other way around.  He wouldn’t  go to the door  and bark  to go out.  He 

would sit in front of me and had this look that meant you have about 45 seconds to let him out or clean up a mess.  

As he got older, he added a little chuff (much like a lion’s chuff) to the look to tell me he needed to go out.

Love.  Growing up  on a farm,  I had many pets over the years I lived there but Jesse taught me what love truly  means.  It  means  give  and  take,  tears of joy, giving  up  to  provide   for  the  ones  you  love,  and compassion  when  the  time  came to help him pass over.

Trust.  We  trusted  each other.  When my son came along,  Jesse  would  hear  him  and  keep him away from anything  that could hurt him.  

I later  discovered  he  was  partly  Australian Kelpie  and  the herding came naturally to him.  I trusted him with my son.  My son could crawl all over Jesse, pull his ears, and Jesse would let him.
Jesse meant and still means the world to me.  He was so loving.  He saw me through so much.  He absorbed so many tears and so much love and gave so much love in return.  It seemed like he always knew exactly what I needed

I miss  my Jesse  every day.  He was such a  big part of my life.  When the time came  to help him  cross over, the loving Vet  helped me  to decide to have him cremated  and his ashes in-terned into a decorative stone for my garden.   When it was time to collect the stone, I asked my son to help decide where to put the stone in the garden.  He looked at me  and said,  “Jes-se can’t be out there.   He was afraid of the dark, remember?”   Yes, our Jesse  was  afraid of  the dark.  So, we decided  on a place  on the landing  up to  the  second floor  of our home since that was Jesse’s favorite place to rest.

Submitted by: Jenn Bell

Thank YOU to Our WOW Pet Angel Sponsor whose mission is helping individuals & families through the process of losing a pet


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