A Tribute to Our Cody...

A Tribute to our Sweet Cody ...

Cody became part of our family in November, 2012. Our wonderful friend and vet, Dr. Kevin Saldanha at Creditview Animal Hospital in Mississauga, felt that Cody would be a tremendous help in the healing needed after the loss of our Samantha. Cody had been at the clinic for two years and needed a forever home. He won us over the moment that we saw him, and Charlie and I knew that the healing had begun.     

At seven years old, Cody was full of energy, and very curious. He did not hesitate in making himself right at home, and jumped up on the bed his very first night. From then on, the bed became one of his favourite comfort zones, spending the entire night there, snuggled in between the two of us.

Cody loved looking out of the window. He was fascinated by the falling leaves, and would paw at the window. We wondered if he mistook the leaves for birds!! His other favourite pastime was watching sports events on the television. He would follow Charlie upstairs after dinner, settling down to watch whatever sport happened to be on, although baseball seemed to be his favourite. 

Cody showed off his athletic skills in many ways, his most memorable acrobatic move being a perfect somersault.  He was very social, and happily welcomed visitors. He immediately took to our dear friend Marybeth Haines, curling up behind her on the sofa. He would then proceed to give her a hair wash. This became a ritual not only with Marybeth, but all guests. However, he seemed to prefer the ladies with long hair.

Mornings were my special time with Cody. He would come into the bedroom, stretch out, turning from side to side, waiting for his daily massage, until it was time for him to ''help'' make the bed. After playing with, and ruffling the sheets, he would settle down for a short nap. Trying to work around him proved to be quite challenging, as once he had made himself comfortable, there was no moving him. However, one look with those beautiful eyes, and the bed making could wait!

Cody taught me that quality time spent with him took priority over housekeeping tasks that could wait. His loyalty and affection were such precious gifts, and  every minute spent with him was filled with love, laughter, and thankfulness that he was a beloved member of our family. When we were out for any length of time, he would take a small toy lamb from the bed, and leave ''Molly'' in the front hall. She was his security blanket until our return; his way of showing us that we were missed.

Cody had his last annual checkup at Creditview early in 2016, and was given a clean bill of health. A couple of months later, while checking his litter box, a trace of blood was visible. Rather than take him to Creditview again so soon, we brought him to a nearby Cat Hospital. He was given a Vitamin B12 injection. The vet thought that a minor infection may have caused the bleeding, and the B12 would energize him. We came home,  leaving him on his favourite stool at the living room window to watch the birds. An hour later, Cody was taken from us. The injection may have caused a stroke, and because we were not with him, we can only hope and pray that he went peacefully.
Submitted by: Phyllis White and Charles Thomson

Our pain was unbearable. We were deprived of saying goodbye to our precious little man, and telling him how much we loved him. But, I firmly believe that Cody knew how much he was loved. Knowing his time had come, and, out of his love for us, chose to spare us an unbearable good-bye. 

Cody has a memory box containing his food and water bowls, and favourite toys. His ashes are tucked safely away in his box, and his paw print is placed next to a lovely photo of our baby boy. These are all reminders of the love and happiness that Cody brought to our home each and every day. We love you, little man. You gave so much, and asked for so little in return.                                                           

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