Beautiful Bebe Boi

This Pet Angel tribute is for a most deserving little guy named Bebe Boi. He blessed our life and made our house a home. This funny little fur ball had a way of getting into the heart of anyone who he met and people would automatically fall in love. Even the guys who hung out in my husband Alex’s garage adored him though, not the most burley representation of a typical garage dog being that he was a Chihuahua.

A week before my sweet boy came into my life, I had told my husband that If I didn’t get off of all the self medicating with drugs and alcohol, I was simply going to die. So, I stopped everything and one week later on my birthday, (to our absolute shock)  my daughter brought him home. Proof that when you let go of something toxic it makes room for a treasure. Bebe boi was just that, my little treasure

The last thing we needed or so we thought was another pet. Our home at that time already had a huge 100 pound dog named Max and an old black cat named Ruby Tuesday.

Originally this little fella was to be my daughter’s dog. She had envisioned him as a fun little “Paris Hilton” of the mid 2000’s” style purse dog. She had planned for him to be hers. Bebe Boi had other plans and completely bonded with me. I never knew how much I needed him. We needed each other.

Over the many years of my running businesses, both my Spa and later Studio Eden, Bebe Boi was always beside me.  He must have met well over 300 ladies during his time here on earth. He knew intuitively who to give space to and more amazingly, who was struggling with broken hearts and burdens. Those folks he would simply go and sit in front of, especially once my healing studio opened and women would join around in circle. He was medicine.

A year before his passing his heart began to give out and he needed more care than ever. It was almost like the love he had been giving others was now needed to be returned right back to him. We called on The Gal who speaks with Animals, Marybeth Haines and she and Bebe Boi communicated. He told her that he needed to be Heart to Heart with Mama. So, from then on, I carried him in a baby pouch with him always nestled right in my ribcage. We were so blessed to have one more beautiful year together.

Bebe Boi's Rainbow Monument & Resting Place

On an evening when a Sam Black and her wonderful group of ladies were at the studio having a workshop he began to show signs of decline. All the women in attendance said their good-bye. Sam kept in contact with me and offered me her full support. After the door was locked and lights turned off he and I spent all night together.

{Heart to heart}

I sang to him and danced with him to our favorite spiritual songs, my pooch in his little pouch.  All night long I told him that it was OK for him to go now. I thanked him for coming to me when I was the most broken soul. I reminded him that he had had a very difficult job being my four-legged savior. That I was healthy now, I was whole and that I could let him go.

He held on all night until my husband woke up. We cried together and then I drove him to the vet, leaving him with his favorite toy and his little green pouch to be cremated along with him.

Even writing this two years later, with a brand new furry family member curled up beside me, my heart hurts.  And typing through tears, my heart is re-broken, but only for the moment because I know now that My Sweet Bebe Boi taught me how to love.

Contributed by WOW Gal Anita Djurkovic

Thank YOU to Our WOW Pet Angel Sponsor whose mission is helping individuals & families through the process of losing a pet

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